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Charlotte... does she have the minerals (Part One)

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

One thing I can say about Charlotte is that she's up for anything and she was very eager to know my world a little better, so I put her to the test.. Before we get started properly with this Charlotte came into my life April 2022 and quite honestly, it's the best thing ever to happen to me, I'll cover this off in another post..

So, Charlotte and I decided to spend a long weekend in July '22 in Snowdonia, i wasn't expecting much from Charlotte not because she was unfit, far from it, her company is generally enough to make my days brighter and as such there were no expectations, if we climbed and summited, we did, if we didn't, we didn't.. really that simple. This didn't stop me pushing the boundaries though..

Thursday morning, I park the car in one of the lay-by's in Ogwen Cottage and announce we're going for a walk, gear up as the weather was well typical of Snowdonia, inconsistent!! At this point I only had a stroll around Cwm Idwal in mind, a lovely little circular around the lake to stretch the legs... I'm not sure where I changed my mind but Charlotte was happily keeping up speed whilst taking photo's of everything I decided the circular would become a yomp up the Devils Kitchen tucked away in the corner of Cwm Idwal. Slowly, steadly and confidently Charlotte matched me step for step, I was and still am super proud of her, if you're not experienced in the mountains, irrespective of how fit you are, it can really take it out on you, muscles you've never used before start to scream at you, she took everything quite literally in her stride.

Staying to the left at the top of the Devils Kitchen brought us to the scree slope at the bottom of Glyder Fawr, this was going to be the burner, I'd faced it once before and it hurt, this year i was stronger, fitter and knew what I was facing. Charlotte on the other hand didn't, there wasn't one peep out her and she slowly made her way up the scree, past the false summit.. I'm very surprised she didn't punch me in the face when she got to what she thought was the top only to find my cries of 'just a little further' were just a ruse.. We both made it to the top of Glyder Fawr, Charlotte preferring to jump across the big boulders like an Ibex rather than follow the 'path'.. Photo's taken, snacks onboarded and a quick rendition of the Carpenters 'I'm on top of the World' and we were off across to Glyder Fach and down the scree slope back to the car...

Charlotte seriously impressed me that day... again not because she is weak or unfit but there was a resilience and resolve hidden within her that I hadn't fully appreciated.

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