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Discipline... When I was growing up, I thought discipline was something that happened as a result of being naughty, you'd get disciplined!! Oh and did, plenty of times however, I wasn't feral, I simply had infinite reserves of energy that were never fully tapped into and as a result I'd end up burning that energy in whichever way I felt fit at the time. Luckily for me that is no longer the case, the boundless energy is still there and to a certain extent so is the chaotic nature of it.. but we can cover that another time.

To discipline, I think it's important we cover discipline as i come across so many people that want to achieve wonderful and great things, inspired by posts, blogs, stories and reels they come across on social media platforms.. it's most definitely what started my stop start journey and even though I'm not the biggest fan of social media, I think in this context it can bring positivity to people's lives. I digress...

Without discipline achieving those goals and dreams you set out for yourself can be a real shit ride and unfortunately if this wasn't bad enough, in not turning up for yourself and working towards those goals, you could be hamstringing your own mental well being.. take it from someone who knows!! If I'm not disciplined to go to the gym, to eat well, to avoid procrastination the inner voice starts booming out loud in the of my head and along with it the roar of familiar anxieties 'you'll never achieve anything' 'you're not worthy'.. it's a shit place and takes a long time to pull yourself out of, so try to avoid the triggers that could open up the trap door.

Discipline for me is turning up for yourself and others, not hiding behind excuses, not being a flake and seeing through the commitments you have made to yourself and others, even when the odds aren't as favourable as you first may have thought.

  • Eat well

  • Sleep well

  • Keep yourself hydrated

  • Exercise with intensity

  • Do what you say your going to do.

Five simple rules to keep yourself feeling great physically and mentally.. but they require discipline, until they become well honed habits

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