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He's only done it again! More mountains!!

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

My adventures on Tryfan and Crib Goch had delivered some valuable lessons, an element of self-worth slowly started to creep through my veins... could this be the start of a journey that in hindsight should have started decades ago?? Was I about to come face to face with who I really am?

I got the hiking/ scrambling bug, I needed another adventure and quickly... this time it was Helvellyn in the Lake District. weather conditions weren't great and half way I was on the verge of throwing up a lung until a handful of Jelly Babies gave me a massive sugar rush and I set off again... weather conditions on top were horrific, I was soaked through, the wind was desperately trying stop me from summiting.. not going to happen!! SUMMIT BAGGED! A new mantra was started to form - I say, I do!! This mantra keeps me disciplined and very mindful of which promises I put out to the universe... once it's out there you have to see it through, right? The day after Helvellyn, I was at it again... Scafell Pike, bagged!!

Back to back mountains over consecutive days has become my preferred methodology, yes your aching like fuck after day one, but when you feel fucked you're only actually 40% fucked the other 60% is your brain trying to keep you safe. That feeling of fatigue is nothing in comparison to the feeling of claiming another summit and chasing your next one.. and that is ultimately what drives me... I say, I do!!

In the the eight weeks following my climb of Tryfan, I had bagged all of the Welsh 3000's (15 peaks over 3000ft), Scafell Pike, Helvellyn and trekked Ben Nevis for charity... not bad from a standing start. I am fitter than I've ever been, more determined than I've ever been and I started to like myself just a little bit, for maybe the first time in my life....

With the exception of Ben Nevis, my climbs have been done alone and I believe this really accelerated the rebuilding process.. there were countless times whilst out on the mountains I was in pain, I'd lost my route and I could have quite easily turned around and called it day, rather than quitting I dug deeper than I ever have, shed my ego and got on with the promise I made myself and the universe.. I say, I do! I say, I do!!!.... over and over again.

Every mountain I started I've summited and that simple mantra is enough to get me to the top of those mountains, they still hurt but I suppose I'm more resilient now and my resilience continues to increase with every gym session and every mountain..

Your journey doesn't have to start with mountains or be any big gesture, simply make yourself a promise and be disciplined enough to keep on a daily basis... this is how lives are turned around.

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